FJP: Egyptian Opposition Flouts Principles of Democracy; Mobilizes for Violence

FJP: Egyptian Opposition Flouts Principles of Democracy; Mobilizes for Violence

 Dr. Farid Ismail, a member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Executive Bureau, said: "The January 25 Revolution entrenched the principles of democracy and freedom; and now certain parties want to spurn those goals. Egypt’s Revolution is a model that will affect not only the Arab region and the Middle East, but the whole world".

In a mass rally organized by Islamic and national movements in Sharqiya province, Dr. Ismail detailed desperate attempts to disrupt and sabotage the government’s endeavors, undermine democracy, to fail the revolution and the elected institutions, starting with the disbanding of the People’s Assembly (the legislative, lower house of parliament), which was elected by more than 30 million Egyptians, then the attempt to storm Itehadia Presidential Palace, as well as crimes of violence and terror carried out against the homeland by certain opposition parties.

Dr. Ismail expressed strong dissatisfaction with some opposition attempts to fail Egypt altogether, and appreciating for the recent statement by the armed forces who assured support for popular will.

He also detailed the major challenges to the government and the presidency’s endeavors, pointing that they have a dark legacy of accumulated corruption left by the former regime.

"The government is now working to remedy these problems through urgent and rapid solutions as well as long-term strategies, through nationwide projects.

"Egypt’s Shura Council (upper house), for the first time, discusses the state budget with full transparency in a genuine effort that results in huge savings in the state budget."