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  • August 13, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

FJP: Imposing Supra-Constitutional Principles A Rebellion Against People’s Will

FJP: Imposing Supra-Constitutional Principles A Rebellion Against People’s Will

Freedom and Justice Party leader Dr. Mohammed Beltagy denounced the notion of drafting any supra-constitutional principles to be put forward to an assembly which he said was prompted by liberals and leftists.

A representative of the Democratic Alliance consisting of over 25 political parties, Beltagy cited "We refuse any supra-constitutional principles except for non-binding bill of principles that the constituent assembly might use as a guide in drafting the new charter”.

Speaking on the Al-Jazeera Revolution programme Beltagy explained that the referendum held on 19 March indicated the majority of voters approved the schedule which highlighted that the parliamentary elections be held before the drafting of the Constitution followed by the presidential elections.

He stressed that ignoring the people’s will defeats the purpose of the referendum and the principle of democracy taking Egypt back to before the revolution. This, he said, is worrying.

He pointed out that the FJP along with the Democratic Alliance already issued one version of a supra-constitution and any changes should be decided upon by parliament. There is no need, he said, for any more changes now especially that everyone agrees on the civil state with an Islamic reference in drafting legislation.

Beltagy stressed that democracy means resorting to the ballot boxes and being committed to respecting the will of the majority not the whims of the minority. He called for the people’s vote indicated in the March 19 referendum be respected, indicating that true democracy has surfaced and that the rebuilding of Egypt be commenced.