FJP: Katatni Meet with ElBaradei and Badawi Discussed Government, Fair Elections

FJP: Katatni Meet with ElBaradei and Badawi Discussed Government, Fair Elections

 Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) chairman, received an invitation from Dr. Sayed Badawi, head of the Wafd Party, to meet him and Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the Constitution Party, to address the political situation that Egypt is going through. Keen on communication and dialogue, Dr. Katatni readily accepted the invitation.

An FJP statement said: "During the meeting, Dr. ElBaradei and Dr. Badawi explained their view regarding formation of a government before the upcoming parliamentary elections. For his part, Dr. Katatni underscored the need to discuss all topics, including the formation of the government, at the presidential dialogue table".

According to the FJP statement, Dr. Katatni explained the FJP’s viewpoint, which holds that the current situation makes it difficult to change the government, in order to avoid giving further wrong impressions of instability, with potentially damaging impact at home and abroad, particularly with the economic situation the way it currently is, although the FJP has its reservations with regard to the performance of some ministers.

The FJP chief also said that the party believes it is important to form, after the elections, a broad-based government that enjoys the confidence of Parliament so it would be able to face the many challenges it will have to deal with.

Dr. Katatni said the FJP insisted on existence of all legislative, procedural and oversight safeguards to ensure the integrity of forthcoming House of Representatives elections.

The FJP statement said: "Everyone agreed to continue the dialogue and to maintain open channels of communication to best serve the interests of the homeland and the people"