FJP: Modern States Respect Ballot-box, Refuse Military Coups

FJP: Modern States Respect Ballot-box, Refuse Military Coups

In a press statement, the Freedom and Justice Party said:

"Only the Egyptian people have the right to draw a roadmap for the homeland’s future, through the Constitution passed only a few months ago by nearly two-thirds of the population. It is certainly unacceptable that any party, authority or institution should assume the right to draw a roadmap for the future of the homeland different from that already approved by the people.

"The role of the army, in all democratic states, is to protect the borders, face up to external threats, and maintain security. It does not interfere in the political scene – not even as an arbitrator, nor mediator. The arbitrator between political forces is the people, through the ballot box. Meanwhile, the army should focus on the tasks assigned to it by the elected President."

The FJP stressed that the great Egyptian people mounted the glorious January 25 Revolution to establish a modern democracy that guarantees peaceful transfer of power, through the ballot box, not by faking the will of the people, and certainly not through military coups.

The FJP statement pointed that the Egyptian army has its prestige and a tradition of respect for legality and discipline under the leadership of the legitimate authority.

It added, "Certain parties and individuals are trying to drag the military into politics, but the people are determined to keep the military away from political conflicts. The army belongs to all Egyptians.

"The Egyptian people will not allow any faction, segment or sect to take advantage of the current political scene to mount a coup against the Constitution, nor to push Egypt back to the oppression of dictatorship ever again. We will do our part, as well as all other patriotic parties, to protect the Revolution."