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  • December 21, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

FJP: Nubian Case among our Top Priorities in Aswan

FJP: Nubian Case among our Top Priorities in Aswan

Mohamed Abdelfattah, Secretary General and candidate of FJP in Aswan stressed that the party is keen on solving the issues of the Nubians and stressed that the right to return is an essential right and development around Nasser Lake is very important and urgent. The start would be for Nubians while allowing all Egyptians to work together for this development. 

A mass conference was organised by FJP in East Sohail village in Aswan, which is a touristic place that attracts people from different parts of the world and 90% of it’s youths work in tourism.

Abdelfattah said that despite the fierce attack against FJP and the statements made by members of the former regime against the party in an attempt to distort its image after the announcement of the results of (phase I), however the Nubian people were not fooled by this campaign and voted for FJP during elections.

The conference was attended by leaders of the Nubian society in the village and candidate for individual seats, Sheikh Abdelrazeq Hassan, of Nubian roots, and Abu Elela Algafary, running for the workers seat. Both candidates are in the Wednesday and Thursday. They emphasised that the Nubian case is on their top list of priorities and tourism is an important source of income and its development is very important.