• August 21, 2011

FJP and Other Parties Discuss Israeli Attack With SCAF

FJP and Other Parties Discuss Israeli Attack With SCAF
Officials from the Interior Ministry, the governor of Sinai, and representatives from numerous political factions attended a meeting with SCAF on Saturday to discuss the Israeli ambush on Egypt’s borders which resulted in the deaths of policemen and soldiers. Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) leaders Salah Altabrany, and Abdul Rahman Alshorbagy attended the meeting.

Alshorbagy stressed that history has repeatedly proven that the Egyptian armed forces is capable of defending its people as it did in 1973 during the war with Israel, and when it refused to get involved in Mubarak’s scheme against the people during the January Revolution.

Alshorbagy added that the people are looking for military to continue to do its part and defend the country against any Israeli assault or hostilities.

He stated that while development and reform are significant in the upcoming phase, Egypt’s security and any attacks on its forces must not be dealt with lightly.