FJP and Wafd to Coordinate Candidacy List

FJP and Wafd to Coordinate Candidacy List

Following a meeting Saturday at the Muslim Brotherhood’s new headquarters in Cairo by the Wafd Party’s leader Sayed el Badawy, both parties agreed that the current stage in Egypt requires wide social consensus among the political powers.

On this note they agreed to enter the upcoming parliamentary elections on a unified candidacy list, inviting other parties to join them.

In a statement by the MB chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie said the group and its political Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) welcomed all political parties to join the coalition. He called on them to complete the achievement of the January Revolution which offered the opportunity for the country and its people to witness true democracy.

He reiterated that no party was capable of running the country alone and it was significant that there be merging of ideas and insights into Egypt’s future by the nation’s influential parties.

Related, a delegation from the MB also met with the National Association for Change (NAC) on Saturday. The two groups decided to form a committee to draft a law on elections, agreeing that the upcoming parliamentary elections should be conducted on a proportionate list basis. They also decided to come up with basic principles for the constitution, and to coordinate among all political forces in the elections.