FJP Approves Nominations for Parliamentary Committees Chairmanships

FJP Approves Nominations for Parliamentary Committees Chairmanships

Mr. Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim, the newly appointed head of the Freedom and Justice Party’s parliamentary bloc, stated that the bloc approved nominations for the various committees in parliament which have been proposed by the Executive Bureau during its meeting on Sunday. Proposals were made after consultation with a number of parties and parliamentary blocs, while some other committees are still being negotiated.

Ibrahim stated that FJP agreed to the following nominations:

1. Chancellor Mahmoud Khodeiry (Independent) Chairman of  Constitutional & Legislation Committee

2. Dr. Essam Al-Erian (FJP) Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee

3. Dr. Mohamed Saeed Idris (Karama) Chairman of the Arab Affairs Committee

4. Sheikh Sayed Askar (FJP) Chairman of Religious, Social and Religious Endowments (Awkaf) Affairs Committee

5. Eng. Mohammed Abdul Monem El Sawy (Haddara) Chairman of Culture, Information and Tourism Committee

6. Dr Mohammed Beltagy (FJP) Chairman of Health & Environmental Affairs Committee

7. Saad Husseini (FJP) Chairman of Budget & Planning Committee

8. Former Lt. General Abbas Mukhaimar (FJP) Chairman of Defense and National Security Committee

9. Dr. Osama Yasin (FJP) Chairman of Youth Committee

10. Mohammed Anwar Esmat Sadat (Eslah and Tanmeya) Chairman of Commission on Human Rights Committee

11. Sabry Amer (FJP) Chairman of Telecommunications & Transportation Committee

12. Al-Sayed Nageeda (FJP) Chairman of the Industry & Energy Committee

13. Eng. Saber Abdul Sadek (FJP) Chairman of Local Government & Public Organizations Committee

14. Eng. Ibrahim Abu Ouf (FJP) Chairman of Housing, Public Utilities & Reconstruction Committee

Moreover, FJP also approved nominations by Al Nour Party for the Agriculture and Irrigation, Educational and Scientific Research Committee, in addition to Proposals and Complaints Committee. Ibrahim added that the FJP’s Executive Bureau also approved nominations for the Committees’ Deputy Chairmanships by numerous blocs including the Karama, Nour, Bannaa and Tanmeya, Ghad, Thawra, Haddara, and Wafd parties.
The meetings were attended by FJP Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Morsi and Dr. Saad Katatni, the party’s Secretary General nominated for the post of the Assembly’s Speaker.