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  • November 24, 2011
  • 4 minutes read

FJP Calls for Speedy Handover of Power to Elected Civilians

FJP Calls for Speedy Handover of Power to Elected Civilians

 The Freedom and Justice Party’s (FJP) Executive Bureau convened Wednesday in an emergency meeting to discuss the current incidents and continued violence in Tahrir Square in addition to the outcome of Tuesday’s SCAF meeting with political forces.

The FJP confirmed its stance that it condemned the violence used by riot police and other unknown parties still undisclosed by SCAF against the peaceful protestors, allowing third parties to add fuel to the strife despite attempts to calm the situation.

The FJP called on its members not to get into disputes with other political faction or national forces, stating that all were entitled to their political opinion.

The statement added: “The party is closely following the situation and the current authority’s commitment to decisions made including the handing over of power to an elected civilian authority and the parliamentary elections expected to begin November 28. In response to the people’s demands announced during the January revolution, presidential elections should be held no later than the end of June 2012. By being committed to this time frame there will be stability in the country and there will neither be a constitutional and political vacuum nor an unelected authority imposed on the people”.

Furthermore, the FJP called on riot police to withdraw their forces immediately to avoid further casualties. “We call for the immediate prosecution of all involved in the killing incidents, and compensation paid to families of martyrs killed and treatment for those injured must be at the expense of the state. Furthermore, a government must be formed to effectively end the transitional phase”.