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  • December 9, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

FJP Candidates Go Sightseeing to Promote Tourism

FJP Candidates Go Sightseeing to Promote Tourism

 Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) candidates along with representatives from the Tourism Workers Coalition and tour guides will engage Friday in a tour around the pyramids to call for promoting the tourism industry. Giza Candidates Dr. Helmy Al Gazzar, Mohamed Abdul Monem Sawy, and Khaled Al Azhari will be among them.

In a statement to Ikhwanonline, Al-Azhari stated: “This tour comes in support of Egyptian tourism. The party’s objective is to promote tourism and to improve the conditions of the industry’s employees since tourism is a major source of income in Egypt”.

Discussing their participation in the planned Friday march under the title “Tourism Our Income”, he said “We approached the organizers wanting to be part of it but our offers were rejected although other parties were permitted. Such actions defeat the process of democracy craved by the people following the revolution to build the nation”.

He continued: “Tourism should not be dragged into the political struggles since it includes the wellbeing and income of the entire nation. Using the tourism issue to cause conflict will only cause instability and affect all of Egypt”.

Al-Azhari called on all political factions to propose and promote their political agenda rather than engage in defaming others. He concluded: “We as candidates support the rally “Tourism Our Income” since it advocates progress in the tourism sector."