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  • November 6, 2011
  • 4 minutes read

FJP Candidates Promise ‘Port-Said’ Revitalisation And International Status

FJP Candidates Promise ‘Port-Said’ Revitalisation And International Status

Thousands of Port-Said people rallied in front of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) candidate platform set up in the governorate’s ferries square, yesterday evening; where the party’s candidates detailed their program for rejuvenation and revitalisation of Port-Said.
The party candidates congratulated the people on the Muslim Festival “Eid Al Adha”, and explained the party’s program, which was met with acceptance among the people, who gathered around the platform to listen and watch a video prepared by the secretariat of the party youth. In one video recording, the youths detailed the achievements of former deputies Dr. Akram Al Sha’er, who represented the party in the People’s Assembly sessions of 2000 and 2005, during which he championed the fight against corruption and exposed many cases the most important of which was the Toshka project, in which Al Sha’er presented an interrogation of the government, charging it with fraud and the sale of Egypt to foreigners.

Party candidates Mohamed Mowafi, Abdul Rahman Salim, Ali Dorra, Dr. Sahar Khudairi and Mr. Mohamed Abdul Majid accompanied passengers onto ferries and discussed their problems on the ground.

The engineer Ali Dorra, the party candidate at the top of the nominee list, stated in his speech that the status and revitalisation and advancement of Port-Said is the first and highest priority of the FJP, which has prepared a special study of this city to make it an international port able to compete with Hong Kong and Dubai, calling on people to read the program and go to the polls in order to remove 30 years of corruption in Egypt.

Abdul Rahman Salim, the candidate for the seat of ‘individuals – workers’ added that Port-Said youths are a special priority in his party program, pointing that his nomination as the party’s youngest male candidate is evidence of the party’s serious outlook towards youths.

Mohammed Mowafi pointed out the importance of Port-Said as a magnet for all investments, as the city boasts a great location and mild weather, attractive to tourists all the year round. He mentioned that his elections program’s top priorities are job opportunities for youths and making use of physical and moral resources of the great city.

Dr. Sahar Khudairi stressed that her 20-year work in gynaecology and obstetrics meant she had to shoulder the responsibility of patients’ health, just as her nomination by the FJP puts a great responsibility on her shoulders, for which she is determined to perform all duties in order to provide a decent life and good health for all people of Port-Said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Akram Al Sha’er called upon the great Egyptian people to get out to the polls “to change this sad reality in which we live today, especially with the extreme importance of these elections, which will build all of Egypt, and be a locomotive of change pulling Egypt towards rejuvenation and development, stressing that the people who kicked out that dictator are able to give to the world a vivid picture in the election with effective, positive participation in building this beloved homeland we all are proud of belonging to”.

Mohamed Abdul Majid called upon the people to go out to the committees, pointing out the facilities developed by the committee supervising the elections which adopted voting by National ID only instead of the ‘Red Card’ system, which ensures the votes go to their owners without any mistakes or fraud.

Meanwhile, continued attacks targeted campaign signs advertising FJP candidates in Port-Said, with certain Taxis observed participating in attacks involving removal of all banners and picture of the party’s candidates, as well as deliberately pasting propaganda for other parties’ candidates on FJP posters.

Abdul Rahman Salim, the FJP candidate for the seat of ‘individuals – workers’: “These childish acts are reminiscent of what former regime thugs used to do, removing and damaging election campaign signs for Muslim Brotherhood candidates. That was one of the reasons behind increased sympathy of voters for the candidates of the Muslim Brotherhood. However, it seems that those involved in such cheap tricks now have not benefited from the mistakes of the past”.