FJP Chairman: Clear Vision for Comprehensive Tourism Development

FJP Chairman: Clear Vision for Comprehensive Tourism Development

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), reasserted that the party has a complete vision for comprehensive tourism development that needs political, security and economic support in order to be truly a pillar of the national economy.

During a meeting at the Egyptian Federation of Chambers of Tourism (FCT), Dr. Morsi said that Egypt is a country blessed with many advantages in terms of civilization, culture and climate, which helps it rank high among the world’s most spectacular places for all forms of tourist attractions.

The FJP Chairman added that Egypt is a magnificent country with a fascinating and glorious ancient history, yet it was debased by the former regime in all fields, including tourism. However, he continued, the tourism industry is as an integral part of the national and patriotic effort as political and economic endeavours, explaining that there are still domestic parties and stakeholders affiliated with the defunct former regime as well as other foreign parties who do not wish to see Egypt rise or its revolution succeed, and hence do their worst to stir up discord and unrest, spreading terror and fear of the future. Dr. Morsi added that FJP is confident the future of Egypt carries a lot of good, especially as the party seeks to build a democratic state where Islamic Sharia is the main source of legislation, ruling out the idea of a theocracy ruled by divine right; because that would be against Islam and contrary to Islamic principles.

The FJP Chairman pointed that the Constituent Assembly that will draft the new constitution will be formed in agreement with the various parties, political forces, stakeholders and public figures, trade unions and professional associations as well as all civil society institutions, including representatives from the tourism industry, because these all are partners in the rejuvenation and construction of Egypt and its future.

For his part, Elhamy El-Zayat, FCT president, expressed admiration for the FJP’s vision for the tourism sector, pointing that this vision needs some additions, at the same time criticizing the campaign of scaremongering waged against the FJP’s potential majority in parliament. El-Zayat explained that the tourism industry suffers several crises, including the issue of security, with regard to the protection of both tourist facilities and relevant roads, as security and tourism are two sides of one coin. He pointed out that the FCT is indeed optimistic about the future of tourism, contrary to claims circulated by some media that the sector will witness a setback.

The FCT’s board members demanded representation of the tourism sector in the Constituent Assembly tasked with drawing up the new constitution, and called for legislative changes to laws related to the tourism industry as they contain certain purely bureaucratic material that hinders the development of this sector. They also highlighted the importance of dealing with the security and traffic dossier.

At the end of the meeting, attended also by Dr. Osama Yassin, FJP Assistant Secretary-General, FCT board members suggested that they should participate in the FJP’s Tourism Committee, and also as consultants contributing to the upcoming parliament’s Tourism Committee.