FJP Chairman Meets With EU Delegation, Expresses Confidence in Egypt’s Economy

FJP Chairman Meets With EU Delegation, Expresses Confidence in Egypt’s Economy

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the Chairman of Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), received on Saturday, July 9, a delegation from the European Union headed by Martin Schulz, Vice President of the European Parliament and the President of the Socialist Bloc, Marc Franco, the EU Ambassador in Cairo, Michael Ryan, head of political section and Senior Advisor for political affairs the political adviser to Vice President of the European Parliament as well as Aziz El-Kaissouni, the political adviser to the Delegation of the European Union in Egypt.

Dr. Mohamed Morsi stressed that nothing in the heritage of Islam or the Islamic thought that calls for a "religious state" according to the "theocratic" concept. He reiterated that the Freedom and Justic Party believes that Egypt must be a civil modern sate that respects the rule of law and the Constitution, which should come from the people. He elaborated by saying: "For decades, we hoped that Egypt becomes a democratic state. We opposed the former regime and others, and we tolerated a lot of harm and suffering for the cause of democracy and freedom for the entire Egyptian people."

Dr. Mohamed Morsi also stressed that there is no problem or conflict of any kind between the Freedom and Justice Party and Europeans or Americans, but [we] are opposed to the policies of these nations, which have for decades opposed the interests of the people and supported the authoritarian regimes.

The Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party pointed out that Egypt needs Europe’s assistance in the fields of science and technology, and at the same time, Egypt has a lot of resources needed by the West. He said: “We also want to use the mineral and human resources in the South to help the North, and we want the North to help the South in areas of science and technology."

Regarding the state of the Egyptian economy, Dr. Morsi pointed out that the Egyptian economy is not in such a bad shape after the revolution as some people propagate, because there are much agricultural products introduced to the market and there are numerous companies operating efficiently, all of which contribute to the cycle of production. The Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party demanded the EU to assist in repatriation of money smuggled and looted from Egypt and now located in the European banks to return it to the Egyptian state, allowing Egyptian goods to trade in the European markets and providing assistance in advancing tourism, especially that Egypt has become stable and secure after the revolution of January 25.

He also stressed that the party does not have a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections, and that no decision has been made to support any of candidates for the presidency so far. He said: “The party will be studying this issue by the time of opening the door for nomination for the presidential election, and when we are able to learn about the programs of these candidates”.