FJP Criticizes Egypt Police Violence Against Protesters

FJP Criticizes Egypt Police Violence Against Protesters

The Freedom and Justice Party expressed its concern following clashes between supporters of Egypt’s Al-Ahly football club and security forces on Tuesday night September 6, which left 133 injured. Clashes started when Al-Ahly supporters chanted slogans against Mubarak and former interior minister Habib El-Adly, leading to altercations with security forces, which were deployed at the stadium for the Al-Ahly-Kima Aswan match.

Freedom and Justice Party leader, Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, stressed in a statement his regret to the violence practiced against those peacefully voicing their opinion at the stadium. “People are entitled to express their opinion especially against those who have committed crimes against the nation and its people, ” he said.

He criticised "irresponsible" reactions by police personnel in recent incidents where unreasonable and extreme force towards citizens was used. 

“Central Security forces are using the same measures applied before the revolution and this will only result in further disorder. These methods fail to serve the revolution’s objectives, overcoming the transitional period and the rebuilding of Egypt on a solid foundation with dignity, justice, and democracy as its pillars,”’ he said.

The FJP stressed that the interior ministry should undergo a cleansing period within its ranks in addition to re-educating forces on their roles towards the people.

Such force should be reserved for the deserving thugs who have in recent days proved to be a concern in Cairo and other governorates.