FJP Delegate to EP Stresses Women Role in Egyptian Politics

FJP Delegate to EP Stresses Women Role in Egyptian Politics

At a discussion with Egyptian activists from multiple currents hosted by European Parliament in Brussels, Dina Zakaria, Freedom and Justice Party representative, stressed that women are equally responsible as men to achieve ‎prosperity in Egypt. She also emphasized that  women’s role especially those from the Muslim Brotherhood was and still is vital even more so following the January 25 Revolution. ‎

Referring to Egypt’s Revolution, Zakaria asserted that MB and Egyptian women inspired the whole ‎world by fighting injustice and tyranny, partaking with men in their struggle for freedom.‎ ‎She cited that the mission to lead Egypt to prosperity is the ‎responsibility of men and women alike, in order to draw a bright future. 

Zakaria’s visit helped clear misconceptions among the audience regarding Islamists’ perception of the role of women in politics, who were marginalized under Mubarak regime because of the widespread repression of political activists.   

The discussion witnessed high attendance from many international and western institutions, Egypt’s political parties and included campaigners for presidential hopefuls.

During the conference, the Egyptian delegation called on members of the European Parliament to have full confidence and support Egypt’s political parties which genuinely cared for Egypt’s well-being.

Further, the delegation called on the West to support Egypt and assist it in recovering assets and funds which were stolen during the reign of the corrupt regime under the ousted Mubarak. It added that Egypt needed to emerge as an independent entity and could only do so by working out  its internal affairs without interference from abroad.