FJP Delegation Attends Islamic Culture Week in Italy, Highlights Challenges Facing Egypt

FJP Delegation Attends Islamic Culture Week in Italy, Highlights Challenges Facing Egypt

An Egyptian delegation invited to attend the Islamic Culture Week festival in Italy visited Egypt’s embassy in the capital Rome. The delegation was received by the Egyptian Ambassador in Italy.

Attending the Islamic Week events also are parliamentarians and businessmen from countries of the Arab Spring.

The Egyptian delegation included Dr. Gamal Heshmat, Deputy of Foreign Relations Committee at the Egyptian People’s Assembly;Dr. Hazem Farouk, Secretary of the Foreign Relations Committee; and businessman Hassan Malik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of  the Egyptian Business Development Association (EBDA); and a number of members of Parliament as well as a group of Egyptian businessmen.

In a visit to the Italian parliament, Dr. Heshmat delivered a speech about the difference between the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and the dissolved National Party.

Moreover, Dr. Farouk presented a research paper on "The Egyptian Model” and why it did not succeed in the sixties of the last century".

Meanwhile, businessman Malik explained the EBDA Association’s experience and projects in hand – from European and other countries keen to invest in Egypt after stability is restored, following the presidential elections.

The Egyptian delegation held a meeting with the Egyptian ambassador in Italy, during which they discussed the potential for further communications with the Italian Parliament and arrangements for a quick meeting to activate the Egyptian-Italian Parliamentary Assembly.

Further, the delegation met the Egyptian trade attaché, and pointed that investment opportunities in Egypt are huge for Italian businesses, asserting that those may well be the best solution that could take the Italian economy out of its financial crisis.

On the sidelines of the visit, a meeting was held between the Egyptian delegation and a number of Egyptians living in Italy.

Italian state radio conducted an interview with Dr. Heshmat for an evaluation of the first round of the presidential election and expectations of the next stage – the final round of the presidential elections contest.