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  • December 26, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

FJP Delegation Visits Church in Zeitoun Disctirict

FJP Delegation Visits Church in Zeitoun Disctirict

 A delegation from the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) extended warm wishes for Christmas, during its visit to the Catholic Copt Church in Zeitoun district in Cairo Saturday.

Yaser Abd Allah, FJP representative in Zeitoun, was received well by the Church’s Priest, Father Augustinos Morris who welcomed the delegation and accepted the warm wishes. Abd Allah stated: “The party’s visit was not only to extend warm wishes but to confirm that the party advocates national unity between Muslims and Copts in Egypt”. He added: “For sure this visit will be the first of many interactions between the FJP and the Church here in the Zeitoun district”.

For his part, Hamza Daheesh from the FJP delegation, pointed out that numerous topics were touched. The delegation also stemmed circulating rumours wrongfully spread to incite sedition between Muslims and Christians. He stressed: “It is imperative that we cooperate together and work on rebuilding the nation now that the former regime is toppled”. He explained that agreements were made with the Church’s representatives to engage in charity work in the district during the upcoming weeks. “We will be working collectively during the next phase with the interests and wellbeing of the Zeitoun residents in mind in particular and all of Egypt in general”, he said.

The delegation was received by Pastor Augustinos Morris, Pastor Rafiq the Church’s lawyer and youths from the Church.