• FJP News
  • August 12, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

FJP Demands Swift Actions to Save Somalia

FJP Demands Swift Actions to Save Somalia

In a statement Wednesday, the Freedom and Justice Party ( FJP) called upon the Arab League, the Organization of "Islamic Cooperation", and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization "FAO" to intervene and take immediate action to relieve the people of Somalia who are facing the unprecedented hunger crisis.

The statement called on all the concerned parties in the world to take swift actions to save Somalia from the famine it’s facing, adding that Somalia still has not recovered from the difficult circumstances it faced for years.

The party also said that the rights of the brotherhood in Islam and the rights of humanity force all the relief agencies and the Arab World to hurry in taking a leading role to save people of Somalia from this fundamental crisis that can’t be defeated without the help of these organizations.

Furthermore, the FJP called on Egyptians who have always been known for expediting the rescue of the stricken to quickly provide a helping hand to those who need it, adding that the party trusts that the Egyptians people won’t stand idly before the crisis the people of Somalia face and that they would give them the support they need through the known relief committee, especially that we are during the holy month of Ramadan, pointing out that financial support is the least we can do to help our brothers and sisters in Somalia.