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  • January 23, 2012
  • 6 minutes read

FJP Elects Hussein Ibrahim Majority Leader

FJP Elects Hussein Ibrahim Majority Leader

 The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Parliamentary Commission nominated – during its first meeting on Sunday afternoon – Dr.  Mohamed Saad Katatni as the party’s candidate for the Speaker of Parliament post, and Hussein Ibrahim, a member of the FJP Executive Office, as leader of the party’s parliamentary commission.

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, FJP Chairman, in a speech addressed to MPs, said: "Egypt expects a lot from you. Also, we must not forget the martyrs of the revolution, who were killed by the bullets of treachery and the criminal brutality of the former regime. We must reclaim their full rights, starting with fair and fast trials, as well as treatment for the injured and support for their families."

Dr. Essam El-Erian, a member of parliament and FJP Vice Chairman, in his speech during a press conference held by the party’s Parliamentary Commission, reaffirmed that the Parliament of the revolution bears a heavy responsibility at this stage, and that the main burden is to complete the march of the revolution by granting freedoms and fulfilling the hopes of the Egyptians for establishing a civil state where sovereignty is of the people, and where social justice is realized.

He pointed out that the FJP National Committee has a package of legislation, which will be presented to Parliament in cooperation with all parties and political leanings represented in and outside of Parliament, to wrest the rights of the martyrs and the injured from reluctant authorities, and will work to achieve social justice by discussing and re-distributing the general budget, and by developing services and stimulating the Egyptian economy.

Dr. El-Erian explained that this is the first time Egyptians will feel that the legislation and laws are not custom-made by government ‘tailors’, but by the people through MPs they elected with their own free will, and who are working to achieve the objectives of the electorate, adopting the principle of sovereignty of the people, which means that Monday’s first parliamentary session marks the beginning of a new era in the establishment of a sound democratic life.

Dr. El-Erian said: “This refutes allegations that Arab peoples cannot make democracy work. Revolutions of the Arab spring have eliminated this illusion and succeeded in creating democracy without help from any other parties or players. The peoples clearly sided with their Islamic culture and values ??that are not inconsistent with the culture and mechanisms of democracy.”

Dr. El-Erian paid tribute to the spirit of the revolution’s martyrs and wounded, saying that they are still and will continue to remind the people of the glorious revolution’s victory, a revolution of an entire people, as the whole nation works to complete its achievements by building up state institutions.

“The opposition today is no longer what it used to be in the past. The FJP recognizes the value and importance of the opposition, for FJP politicians have long been the opposition themselves, which will make the party work harmoniously with everyone and with all parliamentary bodies, all patriotic players and stakeholders in and outside of Parliament, until Egypt, our homeland, reaches the shores of safety, and until ruling power is handed over to civilian authorities,” Dr. El-Erian added.

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, MP and member of the FJP Executive Office, stressed that the blood of the martyrs and this blessed revolution have honored this homeland and all its institutions, especially parliamentary institutions which translate the demands of the Egyptian people in the arena of change, in the form of enforceable legislation.

Dr. Beltagy added that Parliament will seek to wrest the rights of the martyrs, the wounded and injured from relevant authorities, which can only be achieved by amending the law of the judiciary, and establishing free and independent judiciary and prosecution service able to initiate real investigations that convicts those who killed the martyrs and injured the wounded.

Dr. Hoda Ghaneya, member of parliament, said that Egypt is undergoing a historic rebirth and transformation, building a modern Egypt that will take a prominent place among the nations of the developed world, in a few years, with the good endeavours of the great people of Egypt, which has erupted in the blessed revolution to oust the authoritarian regime and reconstruct and rejuvenate the homeland.

She stressed that the climate of freedom witnessed by Egyptians today will be a refined model of clean politics, and will create female leaders of great promise, especially as women suffered marginalization in the era of the defunct National Party.