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  • August 16, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

FJP Endorses Constitutional Principles of Freedom, Human Rights

FJP Endorses Constitutional Principles of Freedom, Human Rights

Dr. Mohammed Morsi, chairman of The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), stated that Egypt does not need a new constitutional declaration nor governing principals for the constitution, stressing that the constitutional committee must represent the entire Egyptian spectrum, including those who are not represented in the parliament.

In a television interview on Dream Channel, Morsi stressed that the FJP doesn’t have any disagreements with any of the other political parties, nor with the proposals representing the basic principles of the upcoming constitution, which include freedom, and ensuring the rights of the Copts, that all the Egyptians have agreed upon. However, Egyptians must not be obliged to endorse these principles by non-democratic means.

Morsi also stated that the coalition the FJP joined had its foundation formed before the revolution, but it represents all 34 of the newly established parties. 

He also pointed out that the “Dialogue for Egypt” initiative took place 6 months before the revolution and continued after the revolution; also most of the participating parties are both old and new.

Dr. Morsi also added that this phase is not for one particular party or group to dominate but rather the combined efforts of all Egyptians.

Morsi also stressed that the SCAF is now in power because of the revolutionary legitimacy it was given by the people, and that the reason no one objected to the previous constitutional declaration was due to the referendum that a large number of Egyptians have participated in.