FJP Female Candidate Omayma Kamel: Former Regime Marginalised Women Role in Politics

FJP Female Candidate Omayma Kamel: Former Regime Marginalised Women Role in Politics

 Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) candidate in the fourth division in Cairo, Dr. Omayma Kamel, stated that the former ousted regime had marginalised the women’s role in parliament. “The former regime had disregarded the women’s ability to take part in parliament and only added her to improve its image worldwide. It also used the women to gain more seats through its notorious rigging procedures during the 2010 parliamentary elections allocating certain seats to the women’s quota showing complete disregard to their credentials and defeating the purpose”. 

Speaking on “Al-Ashera Mas’aa” programme Wednesday night she stressed: “The female candidate must have full knowledge, be familiar with the political landscape, be organised and capable to perform all the roles expected of her by knowing her priorities. In addition to having a career, she is a mother, wife and MP. Furthermore, she must be able to face these challenges and work towards her objectives”.

She explained that her decision to run in the elections includes more than just addressing the women’s problems but the whole community since she is expected to be representative of the community as a whole. The MP is responsible for monitoring all of the legislative, regulatory and state budget affairs.

“In order for the elected parliament following the revolution to reach its full potential, it is significant that all understand the differences between a member of parliament and a member of the local council”.

Kamel doubted that any entity would monopolize the next elected parliament. She stresses that her husband Dr. Khaled Hanafy, an individual candidate for the FJP in the same constituency, will support her fully regardless of the election’s outcome. “I have always had my husband behind me encouraging my achievements and the parliament elections are no different sacrificing along the way. We have learnt to work together, and support one another and all the way exchanging roles intermittently”, she ended.