FJP Female MPs: We Cooperate With Everyone in Parliament; Women Play Major Role

FJP Female MPs: We Cooperate With Everyone in Parliament; Women Play Major Role

MP Azza Al-Garf, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) lawmaker and member of the Egyptian People’s Assembly (PA), expressed hope that the forthcoming renaissance in the Arab and Muslim worlds would start from Egypt, on the shoulders of men and women working side by side.

During the first conference of the FJP Women’s Committee in Cairo, Azza Al-Garf said that FJP female deputies cooperate with colleagues and counterparts from other parties, and engage in joint initiatives and work of the various committees within the Egyptian parliament.

MP Redha Abdullah, FJP deputy in the PA, refuted reports – published by certain Egyptian Media – that the FJP’s female deputies are a silent bloc with no real role in parliament.

Meanwhile, Redha Abdullah asserted that they have already tabled a lot of Information Requests and motions in various fields, and asserted that they do play a significant role. She added that their role should not necessarily be measured by how much they appear in the Media, explaining that there are many of deputies who never spoke before the cameras, but have a major role within the PA.

Further, MP Hoda Ghaneya, FJP Deputy in the PA, stressed that female MPs’ role in parliament should not be limited women’s issues only; adding that they must debate all issues of concern to the Egyptian citizen. She said, "Women are not half of society; but the whole society".

Moreover, MP Azza Al-Garf criticized the blundering administration of the interim period by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF); and called for adoption of the principle of citizenship and non-discrimination.

Azza Al-Garf also stressed the need for restoring the framework of ethics and values that the corrupt former regime endeavored to destroy it for thirty years.

In conclusion, she emphasized that the Egyptian education system needs to be restructured, beginning with the curricula which suffered extensive deliberate damage and distortion.