FJP Female MPs Optimistic Despite Low Representation of Women in Parliament

FJP Female MPs Optimistic Despite Low Representation of Women in Parliament

Freedom and Justice Party’s newly elected female MP Aza Al-Garf, stressed that in regards to the number of female candidates in parliament it comes down to the people’s expressed will at the ballots. She stressed:"I believe one elected female candidate may very well prove to be more efficient than a number of appointed ones who have no knowledge regarding women’s affairs and their problems". She added that she was optimistic despite the current instability the country was facing welcoming the newly found freedom in Egypt.  

During a conference titled "Female candidates following the revolution; envisioning the future", Al-Garf, opposed the opinion voiced by some journalists who described the new parliament as oppressing females and marginalizing their role.

She encouraged female activists to partake in the local councils and syndicates. "Women should have a practical role in all organizations; after all they interact daily with most of the community’s elements", she stressed.

She pointed out: "The FJP equally supported its female candidates funding them and campaigning for them with as much vigor as it did its male candidates. Women in the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) have had an active role since the group’s establishment over 80 years ago".

Dr. Omayma Kamel, FJP MP in Cairo’s ninth division complimented the women during her address. "History has proven that the women of Egypt have succeeded throughout the years in outstandingly performing their roles and leaving their mark". 

She added: "Methods should be explored to expand the females’ role in Egypt and existing problems should be tackled including education and health issues to help women improve further their status. Once these issues are solved women will be well equipped to protect their children and families. They will also have an effective role in the state’s institutions". 

Kamel highlighted that 70% of health care practitioners are women, which necessitates seeking practical solutions to the problems facing working women, to ensure their contribution to Egypt’s development.