FJP Focuses on A United Egypt

FJP Focuses on A United Egypt

During an interview with Freedom and Justice Party VP and Copt intellect Dr. Rafiq Habib questions were raised concerning the party’s insight into the future and its agenda.

Speaking to Mehwar TV, Habib who was chosen for his valued intellect explained that the presence of Copts among the party’s founders shows the Muslim Brotherhood does what it says it will do, indicating that Muslims and Copts alike are brothers and partners in the nation.

Highlighting that there are almost 100 Coptic Christians among the party’s founding members Habib described the Freedom and Justice Party as a civilian movement based on the principles of Islamic law. He stressed that these laws guaranteed the legitimate right of all regardless of religion and ideological beliefs.

He confirmed that the group which has pledged not to field a candidate in the presidential poll remains undecided as to who it will support stressing that so far the group has not found a contender to fill the prerequisites it believed appropriate for Egypt’ next president.

Habib stated that Egypt is now coming to terms with the establishment of democracy and the forming of numerous parties with ideological differences including liberal, socialist or leftist parties.

He believed however that the MB’s FJP believes in modern nations and the freedom ‎of people asserting that enrolling Copts in the new party’s ranks is a clear message about the party’s outlines. He indicated that the FJP focuses on justice for all and that is want attracted him to the group.

Ending his interview which was aired Friday night, he affirmed that the group has begun forming its list of nominees for the parliamentary elections scheduled to take place in September.