FJP Holds First Conference Advocating Unity

FJP Holds First Conference Advocating Unity

Speaking at its first conference in Shobra el Khaima, in the Qalyubeya governorate, Dr. Essam el Erian Vice President of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) assured that the party is not seeking to achieve a majority in the parliament elections scheduled for September. He asserted that if the party is to run independently from any alliances it may contest only a third of the seats.

During the conference el Erian stressed that the party welcomed the forming of an alliance with the numerous political factions citing that such an alliance would generate criteria for the panel that will draft the new constitution.

Commending the Egyptians who succeeded in illustrating tolerance, motivation and solidarity during the January Revolution El Erian emphasized that the people need to revive the Tahrir Square’s spirit of unity highlighting that Egypt is capable of building an independent and free nation that does not ask for foreign aid.

Guest speakers who attended the conference included former MB MP Dr. Mohamed Beltagy and Actor Wagdy el Araby who is also a co-founder of the FJP.

El-Erian confirmed that the new party is set on translating its words into action adding that just as its name suggests the Freedom and Justice party guarantees freedom and justice for all regardless of religious and ideological differences.