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  • December 29, 2011
  • 4 minutes read

FJP Holds Second Orientation for Its Winning MPs, Demands Exceptional Performance

FJP Holds Second Orientation for Its Winning MPs, Demands Exceptional Performance

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), today, Wednesday 28 Dec 2011, held the second meeting for its members of parliament who won seats in the second phase elections for the People’s Assembly. This was attended by 65 new MPs, and discussed the role and mechanisms of action of the People’s Assembly and how FJP MPs fulfil the aspirations of the Egyptian people.

In his speech, welcoming new MPs, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, FJP Chairman, emphasized that the upcoming parliament is one of the main pillars essential for the construction of the modern Egyptian state’s structure, as well as the judiciary and executive authorities.

Dr. Morsi  pointed out that the whole world is looking forward to this parliament because it, together with the Shura Council, is entrusted with the selection of members of the Constituent Assembly  – which is to draft a new constitution. The FJP believes that the Constituent Assembly should include representatives of all currents and talents of the Egyptian people, regardless of their presence in the coming parliament, as drafting the new constitution is a great responsibility that no single party and bear. The new Constitution is the contract which will regulate the relationship between present and future generations and among the three branches legislative, executive and judiciary.

Dr. Morsi added that Egypt has the skills and capacities to power its growth and comprehensive development, but this growth will only be achieved with a clear vision and enlightened management, putting the interests of the Egyptian people in mind, and addressing the challenges with wisdom in honor of the Egyptian revolution’s great martyrs.

The FJP Chairman pointed out that the people put a great responsibility on the shoulders of FJP MPs, and expect of them a whole lot, in terms of facing errors and solving problems caused by the defunct former regime in all areas of life. This responsibility requires party MPs to make every effort to achieve the wishes of the Egyptian people, of all classes, sects and factions, both those who voted for the FJP and who have chosen others, because the main winners in this election are the Egyptian people.

The meeting also addressed several other issues, such as the role of the MP in monitoring and legislation, how an MP should deal with the media, the impact of an MP in political and public life, the ‘service’ role that an MP can play in order to achieve the wishes of people of his/her district, and the nature of the relationship between parliament and other state institutions.

The meeting was also attended by several FJP leaders, such as Dr. Essam El-Erian (the party’s Vice President), Dr. Osama Yassin (Assistant Secretary-General for Administrative Affairs) and Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim (member of the Executive Office, and the party’s Secretary in Alexandria).