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  • September 5, 2011
  • 5 minutes read

FJP in Luxor Holds Workshop Encouraging Tourism

FJP in Luxor Holds Workshop Encouraging Tourism

In an effort to promote tourism in Luxor, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) organized on Saturday, a conference to discuss challenges facing the industry, and ways to improve tourism in Egypt, which is considered among the main sources of national income. The conference was attended by many representatives and leaders of tourism companies in the city.

According to tourist expert, Hafez Mohamed, “The most significant element in increasing tourism lies in educating those in the industry on how to attract more tourists and encourage them and others to visit Egypt”. 

Conference discussed other issues affecting tourism in Egypt, including the lack of security in some areas, and shortage of full-time employees due to lack of benefits offered by the industry.

FJP leader in Luxor, Ramadan Abdul Hamid, in his opening statement, discussed the party’s outlook towards tourism and methods to promote the sector.

Gaber Ahemd Mohamed, from the party, agreed adding “The FJP will adopt recommendations of this workshop to advocate tourism in Luxor by encouraging the involvement of community institutions and businessmen”.