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  • August 30, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

FJP Leaders Extend Wishes for First Eid Following Arab Revolutions

FJP Leaders Extend Wishes for First Eid Following Arab Revolutions

Freedom and Justice Party Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Morsy extended warm wishes to the Arab and Muslim world for a safe, joyous and peaceful Eid.

In a televised statement, Morsy called on all Egyptians to embrace both the challenges and opportunities that the new era will bring during the transition.“Unity is significant in the upcoming stage to rebuild Egypt, and who is more worthy to rebuild the nation than those who succeeded in ousting Mubarak and restoring stability, freedom and dignity in the country following the revolution?" he said.

Morsy urged Egyptians to act as one and coordinate efforts during the transitional period, and to stand in the way of any faction aiming at hijacking the revolution and hindering the growth and development of Egypt.

“Just as we showed the world during the 1973 war in Ramadan that we can succeed against any aggression, we must again rise to the occasion and demonstrate that we are one and care for Egypt and its future and stability. The Egyptian people have abandoned all negativity and adopted a pro-active stance against any and all who dare threaten its freedom and wellbeing”.

He wished the Egyptian transitional government, SCAF, honourable policemen and soldiers all the best during these festive days. “It is pleasing”, he said “to see that the Arab Spring in Egypt, Tunis and Libya has succeeded in  securing freedom for its people; only through unity, solidarity and faith was this possible”.

Moreover, FJP Secretary General, Dr. Saad Katatny, extended warm wishes to the Egyptian people for the Eid ul Fitr celebrations following the end of Ramadan. 

He congratulated the people on their first Eid following the Revolution which toppled Mubarak’s despotic regime and restored their freedom.

“Egypt is currently experiencing total reform and development on all levels and people are now tasting true freedom with the emergence of democracy. Time has come for one and all to participate proudly in the rebuilding of Egypt, following wasted years, money and efforts by the former regime to hinder progress. Opportunities are now available to take Egypt on a higher level,” he said.

He called on all to join the prayers during Eid in open spaces and to enjoy the new found freedom. “Time has come for Egypt to truly celebrate its first Eid in happiness, and freedom away from repression and dictatorship. “The Egyptians”, he asserted “deserve this”.