• November 4, 2011
  • 4 minutes read

FJP Leaders Receive Copt Delegation

FJP Leaders Receive Copt Delegation

Leaders and candidates from the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in Sharabeyya district in Cairo met with a delegation from the Copt Church led by Foad Raey, and Polos Erian, (Wednesday evening at the party’s headquarters), who came to congratulate it on opening its new branch offering support on its community service.
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FJP leader Kamal Mahdy, stated that the prime objective for these meetings is to encourage efficient and constructive communication between Muslims and Copts reflecting the true image of Islam and Christianity. “Egypt is currently facing many challenges and needs the full cooperation and unity of all factions with no room for sedition. The former regime had constantly bid on fuelling the flame of sectarian strife between Muslims and Copts”, he said.
“Whatever clashes took place are far and few between and is no indication of the true stance Muslims have towards Copts. Unknown entities both at home and abroad whose interests do not lie in Egypt being at peace work insistently at provoking these strifes”, he added.

FJP candidate on the Democratic Alliance (DA) list, praised the coordinating committee’s efforts in settling issues between the Muslims and Copts before their escalation into sectarian strife. He added, the FJP electoral list in his division includes both Muslim and Copt candidates, “In fact we are contemplating adding the Copts names at the top of the list”, he stated.

According to Ashraf Khalil also a candidate on the DA list, the numerous attempts to trigger sectarian strife in Egypt by some entities is nothing more than the continued measures used during the former regime. “The MB and Copts are well prepared to immediately settle differences in the event of any clashes between the two”.

Related, the delegation visited the MB headquarters in Sharqia and was met by MB representatives headed by MB leaders Nabil Abdeen and Adel Gouda and other MB leaders.

On his part, Nabil Abdeen welcomed the Copt Church delegation asserting that the Copts and Muslims fine relation has its grassroots, adding, “Both the Egyptian and Islamic heritage orders us to respect different religions and rejects discrimination based on religion, creed, or gender”. He stated that protecting the Churches is both a national and Islamic responsibility which should be shared.

He called on Muslims and Copts to participate in the parliamentary elections, and to vote for whoever they deemed fit and deserving and capable of achieving the people’s demands.

Father Barsom from the Copt delegation stated, “Muslims and Copts should stand in solidarity and unite in their objectives and to stem any efforts of sedition triggered to sideline focus on more important issues”. He also praised the FJP’s name stating that the people wish to live in true freedom and equality with justice for one and all.