FJP Meets Spanish Ambassador in Cairo

FJP Meets Spanish Ambassador in Cairo

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Secretary-General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), this evening, Sunday 11/Dec/2011, met Fidel Sendagorta, Spanish Ambassador to Cairo. They exchanged views on the Egyptian political scene in light of the on-going parliamentary elections, and the FJP’s vision for the new constitution and the upcoming presidential elections.


The Spanish Ambassador praised the democratic experience in Egypt, pointing to the importance of continuing the march of democracy in Egypt.


During the meeting, Katatni stressed the importance of respecting the will of the people and accepting the results of the first round of the Egyptian parliamentary elections.


With regard to the FJP refusing to partake in SCAF’s Advisory Council, Katatni confirmed that the party does not seek confrontation with the military, and seeks dialogue with all parties, stressing the FJP’s refusal of side-stepping popular will.


In this regard, he emphasised the importance of the new Constitution representing all the Egyptian people, and that the Constituent Assembly entrusted with drafting the Constitution should be formed from all political parties and stakeholders, from parliament members or otherwise.


In reply to a question from the Spanish ambassador about whether there should be a quota for the Copts, Katatni said that the Copts are an integral part of the country, pointing out that Egypt is one fabric, and it is not entirely appropriate to resort to the quota system in the People’s Assembly as in the Lebanese model.


With respect to the presidential candidate the FJP is likely to support, Katatni explained that the party is committed to what has been announced: that the party will not nominate anyone for the presidency, will not support candidates from the Muslim Brotherhood, and will stand at an equal distance from all candidates.