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  • November 4, 2011
  • 4 minutes read

FJP Meets With Danish Delegation

FJP Meets With Danish Delegation

Chairman for the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), Dr. Mohamed Morsi, met Wednesday with a delegation from Denmark which was headed by Danish Ambassador to Cairo and Danish MP’s. Read More

Discussions included the FJP’s vision regarding the current political landscape in Egypt, including its stances on the elections, the constitution and the committee which will draft it and the Copt’s position in Egypt.  

 For his part, Morsi confirmed that the Copts are an integral element in Egypt with equal rights and duties, adding that the Sharia is the only law which guarantees these rights. “The Islamic Law provides that each and every individual worships freely and applies own religion ordains in issues such as marriage, inheritance and others”.

Regarding the current debate concerning supra-constitutional principles, Morsi doubted that it would undermine Egypt’s quest for democracy. He called, however, on SCAF to respect the will of the people. “I call on SCAF to follow through with its promise and respect the outcome of the referendum held in March and not to force supra- constitutional principles on the people”.
Morsi asserted, that the FJP believes that decisions concerning the constitution should not be made by one element, adding that no entity has the right to solely speak on behalf of the people. “The FJP in coordination with the Democratic Alliance (DA) has formerly announced its opinion regarding the committee which will draft the constitution. The coalition, which consists of many political factions including Islamists, Leftists and Liberals, believes it is necessary that the committee drafting the constitution be reflective of the whole community and not be formed from the parliament’s majority”, he stated.
Asked about his predictions concerning the upcoming parliamentary elections, Morsi stressed, it was imperative the election’s results reflect the people’s will and be fully respected forming a strong and effective parliament. “Democracy in Egypt must prevail and this will be illustrated once the elections outcome is respected both by the majority and the minority”, he said.
He added, the DA was formed by the FJP with the firm belief that no entity was capable of leading the transitional period on its own especially as over 60 new political parties have been formed following the revolution.
Ending the meeting, Morsi, called on the Danish delegation and its European counterparts to increase its support for Egypt during its democratization period, and to focus on reciprocated and mutual respect and cooperation.