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  • October 13, 2011
  • 5 minutes read

FJP Meets with Greek Diplomatic Envoy, Calls for Strong Economic Ties

FJP Meets with Greek Diplomatic Envoy, Calls for Strong Economic Ties

 Continuing the series of recent diplomatic meetings and dialogue, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) leaders, Dr. Mohamed Morsi and Dr. Saad Katatny met with a Greek diplomatic delegation on Wednesday. The envoy was made up of Konstanius Fritus, Chairman of the Greek Foreign Affairs committee, Pavlina Lambsa", Secretary of international Relations and the PM’s  adviser Bangyoutes Bangotopoules and Chairman of the Democratic Party’s Foreign Relations Committee.

Morsi, began the meeting highlighting the importance of developing diplomatic and economic ties between Greece and Egypt during the upcoming phase. "Egypt is considered a significant state in theMiddle East region, similarly, Greece is one of the most important countries on the Mediterranean Sea," he said.

He added "Egypt is facing a new era following the revolution where the objective was to topple a corrupt regime and hold officials accountable in a fair and transparent trial. Other demands included the isolation of officials from the former regime from partaking in the political landscape and the formation of a liberated, just, stable and developed constitutional state. After the revolution, Egypt is in dire need of developing its political system through transparent elections and the drafting of the constitution. Furthermore the country faces more challenges as it aims at establishing a powerful economy with strong foreign ties."

Addressing the Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) affiliation with the FJP, Morsi confirmed that the MB made the decision to form the party based on two factors. Whereas the party will cover the political aspect including elections, the MB will continue to work with the community away from politics.

Morsy explained that the Islamic ideology does not endorse a ‘religious state’. It does, however, promote the idea of a ‘civil state’ based on Islamic references.

"This civil state is exactly what the FJP is calling for; a state which guarantees equality and freedom for all regardless of religious, ideological or political differences. Furthermore, the party calls for a state where the people are the legitimate source of power and where their wills are not circumvented," he stressed.

Meanwhile, Katatny called on the Greek envoy to accept the result of the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections. "The elections will be held for the first time with integrity, and will truly reflect the will of the people contrary to former elections held during the Mubarak era," he said.

He added that Egypt is experiencing democracy following the revolution, where people abandoned their apathy and worked on establishing numerous rights through transparent elections and the formations of unions and syndicates.
He called on the Greek delegation to encourage investors and businessmen from Greece to enhance the trade between the two countries. He also asked them to persuade tourists to visit Egypt in order to expand the tourism industry in the upcoming period.