FJP MPs: Consensus Opportunity Enhanced after Upholding Rule of Law

FJP MPs: Consensus Opportunity Enhanced after Upholding Rule of Law

 Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, member of parliament and member of the Executive Office of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said that the opportunity for consensus is greatly enhanced in light of the court’s decision to block the newly elected Constituent Assembly tasked with writing Egypt’s new Constitution.

Earlier, the Administrative Judicial Court issued a decision to stop the implementation of Parliament’s decision for 50% of the CA’s membership to be from within the two houses of Egyptian parliament, with the other 50% from outside.

Dr. Beltagy considered the verdict an opportunity to review the political crisis, a chance for everyone to resolve the constitutional panel with consultation, agreement and harmony.

Beltagy explained that the FJP agreed not to appeal the judgment and to sit for discussions with all parties to reach a solution for the restructuring of the Constituent Assembly in a way that would dispel fears of a controlling majority or a marginalized ‘third’ – referring to non-Islamists who represent about a third in elected Egyptian parliament.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hassan El-Prince, MP for the FJP, said that Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Speaker of the People’s Assembly, upheld the rule of law by declaring that parliament will not appeal against the decision.

In an interview with Egyptian television on Wednesday, Dr. El-Prince said that Dr. Katatni’s declaration eliminates the fear of autocracy, which prevailed in Egypt in the past decades, and makes it clear that no one is above the law.