FJP National Committee Urges Newly Elected MPs to Live Up to Their Promises

FJP National Committee Urges Newly Elected MPs to Live Up to Their Promises

 The National Committee of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) extended sincere thanks, gratitude and appreciation to the Egyptian people, who moved positively with full force and actively participated in the elections, giving their votes to those who deserve them during the first and second phases of the People’s Assembly elections.

At the end of a meeting held Sunday 01 January 2012, at FJP headquarters, the National Committee (NC) stressed that Egypt is going through an important phase of its history, experiencing a power struggle between parties and stakeholders who support the peaceful transition of power and the democratic choice expressed by the people in the 19 March 2011 referendum, and other foreign and domestic parties and stakeholders affiliated with the defunct former regime, who do not want Egypt to get out of its crushing crises with the aim of disrupting the ongoing democratic transformation and thus blocking any steps toward stability and development.

The FJP NC pointed that the current democratic experience in Egypt was only possible with the sacrifices made by the Egyptian people who gave their very souls for their homeland and its stability, for democracy and freedom, sacrifices that demand of all social and political parties and stakeholders to bear in mind the wishes and aspirations of the people.

The NC also pointed that parliamentary elections showed clearly that the Egyptian people know the path they have chosen for democratic transformation, democratic changes that represent the first and most important step in the march forward. This renews our confidence in the Egyptian people and that they will continue such positive participation during the third phase of parliamentary elections on Tuesday.

The NC called upon the FJP elected MPs not to let down the Egyptian people who gave them their confidence, their votes and rely on them faithfully to take Egypt to safety.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, FJP Chairman, stressed that the next stage requires more effort, which means that the FJP – through its MPs in the People’s Assembly and through its party members, cadres and leaders – must work diligently to implement the party’s electoral platform and achieve harmony with all the political parties and elements in and out of Parliament.

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Secretary General of the FJP reviewed the most prominent activities during the past period, whether in relation to the party’s membership or its various activities.

The meeting also discussed the most important developments on the political arena, the progress of parliamentary elections procedures, and preparations for the Shura Council elections.

The meeting also discussed the most important issues that will be put up to the legislative agenda of the People’s Assembly during the first session of the post-revolution Parliament.