FJP Official Meets With EU Delegation

FJP Official Meets With EU Delegation
FJP Secretary General, Mohammad Sa’d El Katatny met with EU delegation on Tuesday morning July 26, to clarify the party’s vision regarding the current political events in Egypt.  Katatny pointed out that the FJP is working with the National Coalition for Egypt to coordinate a good representation of all parties participating in the coalition.

During the meeting, Katatny pointed out that the million-man demonstrations planned this Friday is aiming at pressuring the government to respond to the rest of the revolution’s demands, primarily speeding up trials of former regime officials.

Katatny pointed out that the party doesn’t encourage ongoing sit-ins as opposed to few-hour demonstrations for the purpose of sending a specific message and then giving the government a chance to respond.

Regarding the delegation’s question about the party’s stance on the supra-constitutional principles which some political forces are seeking to gain approval, Katatny emphasized that it is unacceptable for something to be imposed against people’s will that was expressed in a free and transparent voting process.

As for the party’s relation with other liberal parties, Katatny pointed out that the FJP is enjoying good relations with them as well as other parties, primarily Al Wafd, Al Ghad, and the Democratic Front, adding that the FJP has no sensitivities regarding dealing with any party or political force for the sake  of enriching political life in Egypt.

Regarding the absence of FJP representatives in the new cabinet, Katatny affirmed that the Prime Minister didn’t request the party’s participation, but rather their recommendation of qualified and distinguished professionals as he did so with all the other political forces.  Katatny added that the FJP also believed in the necessity that the transitional government be free of any politically-affiliated ministers.