FJP Press Release, Urging Citizens to Go Out and Vote in Runoff

FJP Press Release, Urging Citizens to Go Out and Vote in Runoff

The first day of run-off voting for the second phase of the Egyptian People’s Assembly elections began in a calm atmosphere with an average turnout.

The following is an account of the most important events of the elections, so far:

First, the voters

Turnout for the second ballot appears low to average in a number of polling stations, average to good in others. We, therefore, renew our call for the Egyptian people to actively and positively partake in the run-off, to assure everyone that they know the path they have chosen for democratic transformation, and to continue to impress the whole world with levels of participation unprecedented in elections anywhere in the world, in spite of the unfortunate violent events Egypt is currently going through.

Second, the electoral process

The electoral process witnessed some delay starting in a number of polling stations: in the governorates of Giza, Sohaj, Aswan, Beni Suef, Beheira and Suez. There were various reasons for this delay, like the late arrival of judges supervising election procedures, polling station staff, or representatives of some candidates. But these obstacles were overcome, and the electoral process continued.

Third, legal issues

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Legal Committee submitted a re-sorting and recounting request to the Chairman of High Judicial Elections Commission (HJEC) for ballots in a number of party list constituencies held in the second phase on 14 and 15 December 2011, namely: the first and second constituencies of Giza, the first and second constituencies of Sharqiya, the first constituency in Sohaj, and the first constituency Beheira, due to errors in counting operations, and because party agents were not allowed to attend the collection, sorting and counting operations in accordance with court decision No. 10167 for of a hearing on 6 December 2011, which was received by the HJEC for implementation on 12/12/11.

The FJP’s Legal Committee called in its request for supervising judges to enable FJP candidate’s agents to attend collection, sorting and counting operations in party list and ‘individual’ runoff ballotage previously deferred to be held today and tomorrow 21 December 2011 22 December 2011.