• January 12, 2012

FJP Press Release # 46, Round Three Elections Results

FJP Press Release # 46, Round Three Elections Results

Polling stations in the third phase run-off have announced victory for 19 out of 27 Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) candidates who contested this round of the elections. The results for Al-Wadi Al-Jadid and North Sinai have not been announced up to this moment. Further, elections have been postponed in the first constituency of Qaliubiya governorate – for the ‘individual’ seats, contested by the candidates Mohsen Rady and Hani Gad – and the first constituency of Dakahlia governorate – "individual workers" seat, contested by the candidate Tariq Qutb, as well as the third constituency of Qena governorate, contested by the candidate Ali Al-Shishni; those will be held on the 14th and 15th of January.

Unfortunately, 6 other candidates were unsuccessful in the run-off, namely: Alam El-Din Sakhawi and Abdel-Halim Hilal in Gharbiya governorate; Dr. Hassan Jom’aa, Sayed Mansour and Ramadan Imam in Dakahlia governorate; and Khaled Omar in Minya.

Counting and sorting operations are still underway in constituencies where re-runs were ordered from the first and second phases, up to this moment. However, there are indications that FJP candidate lists in the northern Cairo and Aswan are well ahead in the race. Also, a number of FJP candidates are leading the race for the individual seats in the rest of the six constituencies.

In appreciation of this trust given by the Egyptian people to FJP candidates, we extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to the Egyptian people, and we renew our commitment and undertake to build together the future of modern Egypt which aspires to freedom, justice, dignity, democracy and stability.