FJP Press Release #47, Results of Legislative Elections, Round Three

FJP Press Release #47, Results of Legislative Elections, Round Three

 The results of the runoffs held January 10 and 11

*Winners in the third phase runoffs, Individual Seats
– Qalyoubeya:
Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Diab, third district,199556
Alsayed Imam Mahmoud Al-Qady, third district,179453                          
Eng. Mahmoud Mahdeya, second district, 149126
Mahmoud Tawfiq, second district, 119906
Eng. Sameh Amer, fourth district, 75860    
Yahya Al-meseery, fourth district, 85860
Ibrahim Zakareya, fifth district, 13077
Saad Ali Abdo al-helougy, second district, 122000
Emad Shams el Deen Abdul Rahman, third district,109000      
Abdul Hamid Mohamed Hassan Eissa, third district, 112000 
Ibrahim Ibrahim Abu Ouf, fourth district,12087
Khaled Mohamed Al-Deeb, fifth district, 177000
Alsayed Niazi Al-Adawy, sixth district, 100652

Ali Ahmed Mohamed Amran, first district, 158258
Gomaa Ahmed Kafafi, first district, 143627 
Mohamed Ahmed Al-Basel, second district, 162275
Hamdi Khalifa, second district, 136178
Ahmed Sayed Al-sagheer, first district, 94996
Hesham Al-Qady Hanafi, second district, 71154 
-Wady Elgedeed:
Mohamed Abdul Mageed Hamed Sarag el Deen, first district, 36657
-North Sinai:       
 Abdul Rahman Al-Shorbagy, first district, 49736
*Results for Party Lists in postponed districts in first and second phase 
Aswan, first district, FJP secured 4 seats with 60500 out of 186517 valid votes 
*Winners of Individual Seats in postponed districts of first and second phases:

Mahmoud Attia, third district, 81000
Saber Abul Fotouh, third district, 71400                                 
Amir Bassam Al-Naggar, second district,120000
Mohamed Abul Raouf Gheith, second district,109000

Abdul Aziz Khalef Mohamed Ali, third district, 50095

*Candidates to compete in runoff 17-18 January
Ahmed Suleiman Ahmed Shael, fifth district, 170000
Alsayed Mohamed Abdul Kareem Aletweel, fifth district, 58000
Mohamed Salama Bakr, second district, 56545 
Mohamed Madat Mousa Mohamed, second district, 47417
Abd Allah Sadek Nasr, third district, 42821