FJP Press Release No: 25

FJP Press Release No: 25

The Freedom and Justice Party, (FJP), continues to observe with concern the counting of votes of the first round of the second phase of the parliamentary elections in numerous divisions after changes were made to the number of votes won especially by the FJP list.

The party was able to record changes made in the results in the constituencies of Ismailia, Sharqeya, Beheira and Giza indicating clear illegitimate intervention.

It is on this note, that while the FJP would like to confirm that it respects and appreciates fully the judiciary’s role in supervising over the elections, and the electoral process it believes that after careful recording there is evident foul play by few individuals.

Reports reveal that individuals from the judiciary are tarnishing the judiciary’s image and were involved in directing voters to cast their votes to candidates not from the FJP. Other measures by these individuals included the intended altering of the number of votes following the completion of the vote counts.

We call on the HEC to immediately investigate the omplaints filed by the candidates. Furthermore, we urge the HEC to allow the candidates’ representatives to attend the vote counting to ensure the integrity and transparency of the electoral process.