FJP Press Release No. (16), End of Run-Off Voting

FJP Press Release No. (16), End of Run-Off Voting

Egyptian Legislative Elections 2011-2012

FJP Press Release No. (16)

Cairo – Tuesday, December 6, 2011AD – 19:30 (17:30GMT)

Polling stations for run-off voting closed their doors after a turnout that ranged from low to average, on the second day, recording a two-day attendance of 30%. During the run-off, we observed many irregularities that marred the purity of the electoral process, which we hope will not be repeated in future rounds. We also hope competition would remain honest, and avoid corrupt methods of the defunct former regime, such as buying votes, giving electoral bribes, and cheating voters, all of which are fraudulent practices and deceptive tactics that should vanish from the political scene in Egypt.

The following is the position of the FJP on the most important events of the second day of run-off voting:

1 – In spite of the average turnout witnessed in the run-off, the FJP extends its sincere thanks, gratitude and appreciation to the Egyptian people, and renews its call for continued positive participation during the second and third phases of the elections, just like the first round of the first phase.

2 – The FJP emphasises that whatever the result the party achieves in this phase, the real winner is the Egyptian people, who have confirmed that they are capable of making and shaping their own future in a most civilized manner that puts them right at the forefront of the globe’s peoples and nations, and that they are able to persist in the fight to isolate remnants of the former regime no matter how appealing the temptations may seem.

3 – The FJP observed the return of unacceptable practices previously pursued by candidates of the former regime. They have returned to those tactics, albeit in a new dressing. They resorted to vote-buying in many governorates, such as Alexandria, where the value of a vote reached 200 Egyptian pounds and a kilogram of meat! Meanwhile, in the Qasr Al-Neil (Cairo) constituency, a vote was worth 150 Egyptian pounds and a blanket! This tactic was repeated in several other governorates, in different ways, as witnessed and documented by a large number of news media.

4 – Certain parties and candidates still engage in unacceptable fraudulent actions to deceive voters, by attempting to tarnish the image of the FJP, posing as members of the party and distributing election campaign materials and bribes in the name of the FJP. But it is our belief that the man in the street knows us very well, and we trust that the people will join hands with us to confront such crooked endeavours.

5 – The FJP stresses that it will take legal action to stop unethical abuse by some supporters of the Nour party, who attacked a number of our representatives, including one female member of the party in the Snuras constituency (Fayoum) Tuesday, and also including some of our representatives in Dairout (Assiut, Upper Egypt) Monday. We do hope party officials shall intervene to stop such irresponsible actions, before things get out of hand.

6 – The FJP urges all Egyptian media, especially those owned by certain businessmen – some of whom still tread the path of the defunct former regime – to respect the viewers’ mentality, and steer away from slander, lies, fraud and deception, because the honour and responsibility of a professional journalists’ word is greater than any political agenda.

7 – The FJP reiterates its rejection of all the hysteria and confused clamour some began spreading, broadcasting panic at home and abroad regarding our winning this election. That has reached the treacherous extent of seeking support from the West, and declaring war on the Egyptian people as punishment for the choice they made exercising their free will. Such behaviour has no place in any patriotic context, and will only ignite crises, sedition and strife, and will distract the people from the way they chose for democratic transformation through parliamentary elections. Those should beware of the Egyptian people who have uncovered their heinous plots against the stability and security of Egypt.