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  • November 28, 2011
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FJP Press Release No .(2), Parliamentary Elections, 2011

FJP Press Release No .(2), Parliamentary Elections, 2011

 Legislative Elections, 2011

Cairo: 28/11/2011
At: 02:30 PM
Press Release No. (2)

Parliamentary elections polling stations opened their doors, this morning, and witnessed a heavy turnout, which was not surprising for the Egyptian people: these elections confirm the desire of people to get out of the bottleneck and move on to safety and stability.

The following is a report on the latest developments:

First: Voters

Reports from our representatives confirm that, in most election committees, there is a heavy turnout for voting, since the early morning. Indeed, queues in front of some such committees to extended over a whole kilometre, reflecting the desire of the Egyptian people to effectively complete this important stage in the history of Egypt.

Second: The Legal Dimension

Up till this hour, the electoral process has moved smoothly, in a satisfactory manner, in all constituencies. However, some election committees delayed the start of their activities because voting forms were not available as yet. Nevertheless, judges were in the polling stations already. The central control room reported this in a limited number of elections committees, in the entire first phase.

Third: The Security Situation

No reports were received regarding excesses by security forces or acts of bullying or violence near the polling stations, with the exception of some attempts which were promptly dealt with by the military and police forces as well as popular committees. This is clear confirmation that the people can protect their own right to vote and make their voices heard. Additionally, the massive turnout of voters was a strong bulwark against any abuse by any parties. Only one case of violence was reported in Assiut (Upper Egypt) where a candidate – excluded for being one of the remnants of the previous regime – started some bullying action, but was quickly under control.

Fourth: The Judges’ Role

It was noted that the judges were all set in their allocated places in the electoral polling stations, since the early morning, and even before the start of the electoral process. They played a significant role in facilitating the vote of the electorate and overcoming obstacles faced by representatives, which confirms their absolute willingness to go through these elections in a fair and transparent manner.

Fifth: Media Performance

Some TV channels still launch campaigns directed against the candidate lists of the Democratic Alliance and Freedom and Justice Party, which violates the norms and honour of the press and the whole profession. Some even went farther, mocking the overwhelming turnout by citizens for the most important elections in the history of the Egyptian people. But we believe this not surprising, especially as these channels are owned by businessmen who have a ‘special’ position regarding this homeland’s current democratic transformation.

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni

Secretary-General of the Freedom and Justice Party