• January 11, 2012

FJP Press Release Number 45, Legislative Elections 2011-2012 (Phase III)

FJP Press Release Number 45, Legislative Elections 2011-2012 (Phase III)

The first day of the run-off for the third phase of the Egyptian People’s Assembly elections has come to a close. This round has so far witnessed a moderate turnout in most constituencies, with rates of participation almost 20%.

The three-stage electoral process started on the 28th of November 2011 and surpassed all obstacles, thanks to the positive and active participation of the Egyptian people who navigated this stage skilfully, proving their ability to effect change. The FJP is confident that they will turn out strongly and effectively during the second day of run-off voting, to confirm their determination to contribute in the making and shaping of their future.

During this round, the FJP observed certain antics and maneuvers by a number of candidates aimed at stopping the elections in a some constituencies and repeated dramatically throughout this stage. This prompts us to demand of the High Judicial Elections Commission to take all necessary measures and actions to ensure that re-elections run smoothly and end on schedule, so the 23rd of January 2012 would be the best celebration for the Egyptian people – for the anniversary of the January 25 Revolution.

The FJP believes that the upcoming parliament must have consensus among the parties represented in it, and that it must be in harmony with the interim government and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) entrusted with the powers of the President of the Republic until the completion of the democratic transformation in Egypt through the elections of the Shura Council and the selection of the Constituent Assembly (CA) to write the new constitution as presidential elections get underway. The FJP believes the CA needs to represent all political and other stakeholders, parties, currents and the visions of the Egyptian people, since the Constitution is an agreement between the people and the government. Therefore, it is important that all groups and sectors of the people in society are involved in the drafting of this contract. The CA must also be completely free to write this Constitution without interference from any quarter.