FJP Proposes to Parliament Legislation for Judicial Authority, Wages, Pensions and Antitrust

FJP Proposes to Parliament Legislation for Judicial Authority, Wages, Pensions and Antitrust

Mukhtar Ashri, President of the Legal Committee of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), stated that there are some proposals regarding certain laws that will be presented to parliament by the Democratic Alliance for Egypt, led by the FJP.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, he said that these laws relate to demands of the revolution and the revolutionaries, especially fighting corruption, prosecuting corrupt officials, restoring social justice and freedom for the people, who were repressed for decades, and restructuring legislation relating to state institutions to facilitate achieving the demands of the revolutionaries.

Ashri spoke of laws pertaining to social justice, including the Social Security Act, re-distribution of subsidies, setting of minimum and maximum wages, and amending pensions law.

As for restructuring of legislation pertaining to state institutions, Ashri added: "There are laws that must be amended, including the judiciary law and the law of the Egyptian Central Accounting Agency (CAA) and its subordination to the People’s Assembly as well as the Trade Unions Act."

The FJP Legal Committee chief mentioned that one of the laws that will be proposed to confront corrupt officials is an anti-trust law.

Regarding reports on amendment of the Press Law and the establishment of an independent media authority, Ashri said: "This is all premature. It is up to the Constituent Assembly of the Constitution to decide on this; and it will be up to the people to accept or reject it through a referendum, if it is approved by the Constituent Assembly."

For his part, Osama Yassin, FJP Assistant Secretary-General, confirmed that the party is to discuss all the laws that concern the Egyptian citizen and the demands of the Egyptian revolution; and seeks to modify what needs to be amended of these laws, after consultation with political parties, forces and stakeholders, and then to present all these proposals to the upcoming People’s Assembly.