FJP Receives Approval

FJP Receives Approval

For the first time since its establishment 80 years ago the Muslim Brotherhood is no longer referred to as the ‘outlawed’ or ‘banned’ group’.

Following the revolution the MB announced on April 30 it would set up a political party and on May 18, submitted documents which have been legally approved by the commission on party affairs.

The MB’s Freedom and Justice Party describes itself as a non-theocratic party which calls for a civil state based on Islamic references and guarantees equality and justice to all regardless of religion colour and creed.

In fact the FJP’s Vice President is Copt intellect Dr. Rafiq Habib. The party confirmed last month that it had almost 9,000 founding members.

The FJP is the second party to be officially approved following the revolution with the Wasat Party being the first.