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  • November 20, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

FJP Receives Canandian Embassy Officials, Condemns Tahrir Police Violence

FJP Receives Canandian Embassy Officials, Condemns Tahrir Police Violence

 Dr. Saad Katatny, Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), received officials from the Canadian Embassy in Cairo Sunday at the party’s headquarters. Topics discussed included the unfortunate incidents in Tahrir Square and the party’s vision concerning the upcoming parliamentary elections and the proposed supra-constitutional principles.

 For his part, Katatny condemned the violence witnessed in Tahrir Saturday night stressing the people’s right of expression and peacefully protesting so long as it adhered to the laws and did not obstruct public life. He stated: "I call on police officials to demonstrate restraint and not to follow the same measures used during the former regime".

He doubted the elections would be postponed on the ground of instability: "There is no reason to delay the elections and the current security situation can be controlled".

Katatny stressed that the FJP believes any delay in the elections will only lengthen the transition of power process and this is against the majority’s will. "The majority wishes for a speedy handing over of power to a civilly elected authority as soon as possible so that there may be stability in the country. Calls for postponing the elections circulating in the media, refers to the demands of a small minority and is not reflective of the nation’s wishes", he stated.

Katatny called on SCAF and the Interior Ministry to safeguard the elections, adding that "The FJP is willing to cooperate and help in securing the elections if their help is needed".

Regarding his predictions concerning the number of seats the party may acquire, Katatny stated that it was difficult to foretell, especially with the large number of candidates and voters planning to participate in the elections. "It is impossible for any one party to receive a majority in the elections", he added.

He asserted that the party was committed to the former document agreed upon by political factions months earlier. The Democratic Alliance and the Azhar document was signed by the FJP and other factions and called for establishing a democratic state based on a constitution that satisfies all Egyptians. It also called for commitment to basic freedoms and respect for all sectors of Egyptian society. He stressed: "Selmi’s untimely document includes supra-constitutional principles different from former agreements. This initiative has done nothing but anger the people and incite sedition on the political landscape".