FJP Receives Russia’s Ambassador in Cairo

FJP Receives Russia’s Ambassador in Cairo

 Freedom and Justice Party, (FJP), President Dr. Mohamed Morsi received Russia’s Ambassador to Cairo, Serge Kerbetchenko at the partys headquarters, Sunday December 25.

During the meeting numerous topics were addressed including the democratic transition in Egypt and the party’s vision concerning Egypt’s current political landscape, the upcoming presidential elections, the constitution and Egypt’s bi-lateral relations with Russia.

Dr. Essam el Erian the party’s Vice President, attended  the meeting along with Ossama Yasin the party’s Vice Secretary General.

Kerbetchenko congratulated the FJP on its win during the first and second phase of the parliamentary elections. He stated: “It is inspiring to see the large turnout during the electoral process in Egypt which is reflective of the people’s free will”.

He commented on the leading role entrusted to the FJP by the people especially as the party secured up to 50% of the total number of given votes. He confirmed: “The Russian government is prepared to work with any Egyptian and civil authority brought into power in accordance to the people’s choice”.

For his part, Dr. Morsi welcomed the ambassador and his companions asserting that the transitional period needs the full cooperation and coordination of the entire political forces in Egypt.

“The elections thus far have revealed that numerous parties with differing ideologies and trends have been chosen to represent the Egyptian people. The FJP and Democratic Alliance, (DA), however, have secured the majority of the votes”.

Regarding the future political system in Egypt, Morsi stated that “although the party prefers a Parliamentary system, we believe that a mixed presidential-parliamentarian system would be more fitting for the time being,” he explained.  

Discussing which presidential candidate the FJP will support, Morsi said: “The party is committed to its decision not to field any candidate for the presidential elections. I totally agree with the Muslim Brotherhood, (MB) (which founded the FJP) that all candidates so far are on equal footing as far as we’re concerned. The FJP however, will not support any official from the military who may run for the presidential elections.” 

Addressing the constitution, Morsi emphasized that there is a consensus regarding the principles of the new constitution, most importantly concerning the rights of the citizens and their basic freedom. “Focus, however, will be on the 5th article regarding the role of the President and the ruling system”, he said.

Morsi questioned Russia’s stance regarding Syria and the events there. The ambassador responded asserting that the Russian authorities will support whichever leader the Syrians choose. He pointed out: “We have in fact met with factions from Syria’s opposition and the leader of the National Syrian Council”.

Morsi observed that the Syrians were fully entitled to protest calling  for a dignified and free life. “The spilling of blood must end immediately. The Syrian authorities are first and foremost responsible for ending this genocide”, he insisted.