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  • August 16, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

FJP Rejects Military Trials for Civilians, Calls for Dialogue

FJP Rejects Military Trials for Civilians, Calls for Dialogue

Describing the upcoming period as crucial, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) stressed that wisdom and understanding are essential for peacful transition of power.

During its weekly meeting, the party asserted it was significant the relationship between the people and the military to remain positive especially during the transition period. It added that activists investigated for alleged unlawful behavior must be brought before civiianl court and not a military tribunal, which is a reminiscence of the emergency law under disposed regime

“We are in dire need of more dialogue and collaboration if a solid political foundation is to be built. It is not suitable to take to the streets each time a problem arises- peaceful dialogue is the civilized solution”

The FJP reiterated its desire to work with all political parties, and it will not be dragged into futile confrontations with any Islamist or other political party. However, the party rejected any form of foreign aid or assistance that would influence political life in Egypt. Furthermore, the FJP expressed its full rejection of any attempts to suppress the will of the Egyptian people, future elected parliament, or the committee that will be elected by parliament to rewrite new constitution

Calling on the authorities responsible, the FJP cited that it is imperative that Mubarak and members of the ousted regime be held accountable for their crimes and sentenced in order to win the trust of the people and prove that the upcoming phase will be one of justice, freedom and accountability.