FJP Statement 39, Last day of the Third Phase, Egypt’s Parliamentary Elections 2011-2012

FJP Statement 39, Last day of the Third Phase, Egypt’s Parliamentary Elections 2011-2012

 Polling centres were opened to voters in the last day of the third phase of the parliamentary elections. Although turnout at first was moderate it was expected that it would increase as the day passes.

The party’s legal committee has recorded violations by few candidates formerly affiliated with the ousted regime and its dismembered NDP and on the independent list including:

 1: In the Minia governorate voters and candidate representatives were barred from reaching polling stations 911 and 929 by gun wielding thugs namely in the villages of ‘Abul Waqf’, urged by Ahmed Abdul Hamid former NDP candidate in coordination with Ashraf Gheith former Wafd candidate. 

2: Similar methods were used in other villages including at polling stations 104 and 108 and threats were made to the FJP candidates warning them not to head to the polling stations. 

3: Candidate for the Wasat Party Mustafa Al-Touny in Minia was also reported as barring both representatives and voters from reaching their stations threatening them. The FJP legal committee in turn submitted a complaint to the military and police responsible for securing the elections. 

4: Other violations included threats and curses by supporters from the former NDP candidates against FJP candidates and FJP  representative Omar Al-Refaey had his permit ripped from him.

5: Former NDP candidate Mamdouh Fouda assisted by thugs in Baramoun, Mansoura also prevented voters from casting their votes.  

6: Head of polling station 671 in Deshna directed voters to vote in favor of the Wasat Party candidate. Heads of polling stations 655 and 656 directed voters to vote for the Etihad Party despite objections from the FJP representatives.