FJP Statement Concerning Participation In July 29 Rally

FJP Statement Concerning Participation In July 29 Rally

Egypt today is going through a crucial phase after its nonviolent revolution. Simultaneously it faces a lot of impediments some of which are internally caused, while others of course are caused by outside forces that have special interests. Post-revolutionary Egypt -even though it’s heading towards democracy- still faces a lot of obstacles which slow down its pace.

Therefore the FJP stresses that the legitimacy of the people, which was shown throughout the revolution and which was more revealed during the last referendum, is the only valid authority during this period. It was also what gave the SCAF its legitimacy to rule the country during this transitional period until the power in handed over to the elected civilian authorities, and that any attempt to manipulate the will of the people is highly refused and will never be successful, since the free will of the Egyptian people after the revolution can no longer be confiscated.

The party also assures that like it already refused the constitution first attempt, it also refuses any attempt to place restrictions on the upcoming elected Parliament or on the Constituent Assembly that will be selected by the parliament in its capacity as the legislative authority to draft the new constitution. Further, the FJP refuses a new constitutional declaration as it implies challenging the legitimacy of the people. We emphasize that the track the people chose must be respected. 

The FJP also condemns any pressure placed on SCAF by entities that do not acknowledge the will of the Egyptian people. FJP also calls on the SCAF to keep the promises it gave to the people, who are the source of its legitimacy, and not to give in to the pressure it faces, because this is not in the best interest of Egypt and do not represent the will of the Egyptian people.

Furthermore the party has decided to participate in the 29th of July rally, hoping that it will be a sign of the continuity of the revolution and the national consensus, and that everyone will reach a consensus to glorify the willpower of the people and the legitimacy that emerges from it. Also hoping that such act would be a motive to guide people towards achieving the demands of the revolution and continuing what they have started before to accomplish the democratic transformation the nation is hoping to reach, regarding all these steps as mandatory for securing the path of the Egyptian revolution.