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  • November 22, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

FJP Statement on November 21st Developments

FJP Statement on November 21st Developments

 Now, it has become clearly evident that certain parties are intent on igniting the situation in Egypt’s Tahrir Square by attacking the demonstrators for three days running, with dozens dead and thousands injured. We therefore call for the rapid prosecution of all those who caused the heinous crimes that took place and were reported to the Attorney General. We also urgently call the government to stop the bloodshed by withdrawing the security forces from the bloody confrontation.

Relevant to this matter are desperate attempts to disrupt or delay the handover of power to the people through parliamentary elections as the first stage in the transfer of legislative and executive authorities to an elected parliament and an elected government, to spread chaos throughout the homeland, and to distort the great Egyptian revolution.

Many keenly interested parties have conspired to derail the revolution and block the Egyptian people’s march towards its objectives to build a sound democratic regime. Those include the remnants of the former regime, the security services as well as domestic, regional and international stakeholders who do not want for Egyptindependence, freedom or democracy.

While we stress that the blood of the martyrs will not be lost – but will continue to be a curse on the heads of those who contributed to the bloody events – and out of our commitment not to lure people to more bloody confrontations, we call for reason and wisdom of all honest, patriotic Egyptians, and hereby declare that we will not participate in any protests or demonstrations that may lead to more confrontations and tensions. We will constantly endeavour, together with all parties, to end the strife sparked by the Interior Ministry in the whole country, which left lawlessness prevail in many governorates, while striking demonstrators with an iron fist.